Flatware Set


Flatware Set

Silver - Set of 30



Effortlessly luxurious and an elegant way to elevate your dinnerware collection, this 30-piece stainless steel tableware set comes in a luxe silver finish and a handmade wooden display box. This durable flatware set features subtly curved lines and amicable silhouettes that are complemented with slender, comfortable handles. Predominately handmade, these utensils were carefully crafted in Portugal.

This flatware set includes:
  • 6 Dinner knives
  • 6 Dinner forks
  • 6 Dinner Spoons
  • 6 Teaspoons
  • 6 Cake forks
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Wear-resistant stainless steel

Care Instructions

  • Use warm water, neutral soap and a soft sponge
  • To maintain the original shine, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice or ethyl alcohol
  • Due to the dinnerware's high cutting power, this set more susceptible to oxidation and should be dried immediately after washing
Machine washing
  • Place all the cutlery in the silverware basket in the washing machine with the handles facing down and separate knives from others
  • After each machine cycle, all cutlery should be immediately dried with a soft cloth
  • Keep away from other metallic objects during the washing cycle


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