The Modern Stone Collection


Introducing our new modern stone collection by Andrew Metrick for Elte. This collection celebrates earth’s ethereal stones that are formed over thousands of years through heat and pressure. Each collection is offered in four renowned stones that have been sourced from some of the world’s most celebrated quarries. Available in Italian White Carrara Marble, Italian Calacatta Viola Marble, Iranian Pietra Grey Marble and Turkish Travertine.

"The details are what set this collection apart - from hand-selected stone slabs, multi-step hand polishing process, precision-cut stone veneers and thoughtful mitred-edge detailing."

- Andrew Metrick

Each piece is offered in four renowned stones that have been hand-selected from some of the world's most celebrated quarries.

The Modern Stone Collection


A nod to the modern brutalist designs of the 1970s from the likes of Rolf Middleboe, Gorm Lindum and Milo Baughman, the Duvall Collection is characterized by its oversized block parsons legs. Utilitarian in nature, Duvall’s low profile and bold sense of scale lend it the appearance of strength and stability while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

Featured: Duvall Collection in Turkish Travertine

the modern stone collection


Drawing inspiration from the Egyptian Pyramids, the Cairo Coffee Table is constructed entirely of stone – an homage to the enduring strength of the ancient landmarks. Resting on the apexes of four inverted pyramids, Cairo creates an engaging play of positive and negative space while celebrating the precise geometry of its inspiration.

Featured: Cairo Collection in Iranian Pietra Grey Marble

The Modern Stone Collection


Inspired by iconic designs of the 1970s from celebrated mid-century designers Mario Bellini and Carlo Scarpa, the Shift Collection is defined by its bold use of scale. Shift features a through-leg design that takes its inspiration from a rare 1970s Paul Evans table and while undoubtedly bold, the collection achieves a sense of lightness from its strategic use of negative space.

Featured: Shift Collection in Italian Calacatta Viola Marble

the modern stone collection


The Arcade Console Table is a modern interpretation of classical architecture that pays tribute to the bridges and aqueducts of ancient Rome, which integrated arches into their structures to create strength over uneven land and rivers.

Featured: Arcade Collection in Iranian Pietra Grey Marble